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(Getting these pieces online is not my top priority right now, so please be patient. Thanks.)
(I hope to have MP3s available eventually for those without Scorch or those who want to hear an actual performance as opposed to a synthesized version. But I've got to find a good place to record them first. Again, be patient.)


  • Op. 1, Melody 3 Nov 2001 piano solo in E/F 3 pages, 69 mm., 2:32 $3.29
    • This simple melody written in 2001 was my first composition. With forward-moving syncopation and an arpeggiated bass, Op. 1 is an expressive work which is well-suited for the up-and-coming piano student.
    • Won third place for musical composition in the state of Pennsylvania in the middle/junior age group (grades 6–8) of the National PTA's Reflections Program 2001–2002 contest, "I hold in my hand..." (submitted under the subtitle "I Hold in My Hand a Beautiful Melody").
  • Op. 2, Nos. 1–9 21 Mar 2002 five voices with piano, flute, clarinet accomp.
    • Written in the 8th grade as a school assignment for the Creating Original Opera program. Most of the pieces were co-written with a friend, a lot of them had to incorporate so-so lyrics, and all of them were written somewhat hastily. Basically, it wasn't great, but it was something we could be proud of at the time.
  • Op. 3, Juliana's Lullaby 2 Jun 2002 piano solo in D/D 3 pages, 56 mm., 2:14 $3.29
    • A loving lullaby written in 2002 for my newborn cousin. The double treble clef (careful!) and expressive key, coupled with a melody reminiscent of musical mobiles atop a baby's crib, mean that Op. 3 is ideal for intermediate piano study.
  • Op. 4, Unattainable Emotion 2 May 2003 piano solo in Gmin 4 pages, 105 mm., 2:55 $3.59
    • From 2003, Op. 4 is one of my more emotive pieces. With the constancy of the waves churning in the bass, the expressive melody sings its raw despair. Don't let the minor key make you too despondent, though... after all, everyone needs a good release every now and again.
  • Op. 5, Oh, That Decade! 16 Feb 2004 voices with piano accomp. in E/F 8 pages, 49 mm., 3:40
    • Written as a school project for 10th grade American History. I believe the assignment was to write a poem or a song. But while it was obvious that the teacher only really cared about the historical accuracy of the lyrical content, I went ahead and took the opportunity to write a full-fledged song about the 1960s with corny lyrics and turned in the full score. I never had to perform it. No one did. I got 25 points out of 25.
  • Op. 6 27 May 2004 piano solo in Fmin 1 page, 16 mm., 0:36
    • A short "seafare"-y ditty written in 10th grade as a final project for my high school Music Theory class.
  • Op. 7, American Heritage 4 Apr 2005 2-octave handbell choir (G4–G6) in G 2 pages, 45 mm., 1:50 $2.39
    • A patriotic medley of The Battle Hymn of the Republic and America, the Beautiful written for my church's handbell choir.
  • Op. 8 26 Aug 2005 piano solo in B/D 3 pages, 60 mm., 2:34 $3.29
    • Op. 8 was mostly written on the grand piano on the stage of my high school auditorium during the spring of my junior year; it was completed the following summer. Off and on, I'd contemplated giving this piece a title, but eventually realized that a title would only hinder my creativity, and that it's just as good without one. This piece introduces rhythmic complexities which stemmed from a theory class exercise in which I was asked to complete a 7/8 measure with six notes. As such, the "hiccups" in the flow aren't terribly easy to sightread, but they're really not that bad.
  • Op. 9
    • A series of short pieces written for my college Music Theory class during my senior year.
    • Op. 9, No. 1 19 Feb 2010 piano solo in E 1 page, 17 mm., 0:51
    • Op. 9, No. 2 22 Mar 2010 piano solo in D 1 page, 19 mm., 0:54
    • Op. 9, No. 3 17 Apr 2010 trumpet solo with piano accomp. in E/C/A 4 pages, 68 mm., 2:16
  • Op. 10 26 Aug 2010 piano solo in A/Bmin/F/E 3 pages, 45 mm., 2:41 $3.29
    • Op. 10 was born in the summer of 2010 over the course of twenty-seven days, starting with a nudge from my mother. We'd been sitting together in something resembling a makeshift worship service, and she was a bit disappointed that there was no one playing any music during communion. She said that I should walk up to the piano and play something, a suggestion for which I was woefully unprepared, never mind that it would've been completely inappropriate for me to do so. Nevertheless, the opening measures of this piece came to me in the ensuing moments, and the rest followed in the days after. Conveniently, it was finished exactly five years to the day since I had finished Op. 8, my previous full-length piano solo.
  • Op. 11 4 Dec 2010 piano solo in B/A/Emin/D 4 pages, 100 mm., 3:09 $3.59
    • Op. 11 started out with me just noodling around on the piano, and quickly evolved into one of the most dynamic, powerful, emotive, and thusly difficult pieces I've written to date. Fortunately, the left hand is simple enough, but the at-times polyrhythmic right hand takes some getting used to, especially when it jumps around so voraciously. This one truly came right from the heart, so I hope you enjoy it.


  • O Canada! / Ô Canada! 1 Jul 2007 SATB choir in F (bilingual, English/French) 2 pages, 28 mm., 1:09 $1.69
    • The National Anthem of Canada, arranged for SATB choir, Canada Day 2007.
    • L'Hymne National du Canada, arrangé pour chœur SATB, la Fête du Canada 2007.
    • Ranges in F: (S) E5–F6, (A) C5–A5, (T) G4–F5, (B) G3[F3]–G4.
    • Score is transposable to fit your ensemble's needs.
  • The Star-Spangled Banner 4 Jul 2007 SATB choir in A 2 pages, 32 mm., 1:00 $1.69
    • The National Anthem of the United States of America, arranged for SATB choir, Independence Day 2007.
    • Ranges in A: (S) A4–E6, (A) A4–C6, (T) A3–E5, (B) G3–A4.
    • Score is transposable to fit your ensemble's needs.
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